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Katherine McPhee with straight hairstyle at the House Bunny premiere. Katherine straight hairstyle looks good on her, very elegant and sleek, you can copy this hairstyle by using a flat iron and some straightening serum. The only lack of her hairstyle is the bangs, she needs to pay a little more attention to it. Katherine [...]

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You don’t need sophisticated hairstyle to look fabulous, look at Anna Faris hairstyle here, just sleek and straight hairstyle will do. Her platinum blonde hair with wispy bangs, simple, yet looks good for any occasions, just prepare for your flat iron. Anna Faris is lucky to have a fine hair, all she does just go [...]

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Classic hairstyle fits modern days, just look at the beauty of Katherine Heighl. These golden tresses look like the wind whipped them around into place. Katherine Heigl has a great asymmetrical formal, full of multi-tonal ringlets.

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