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Reese Witherspoon looks cozy and comfy bundled up leaving from a friend house. She covers her head to keep it warm, well you can also cover your head if you have bad hair day. Still, Reese Witherspoon looks gorgeous as usualy.

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What do you think about Vanessa Hudgens straight hair style? Some people love it, some people hate it. While I must say that she looks much better with her wavy hairstyle instead of this sedu hair. Vanessa Hudgens is lucky enough to cover the bad hair with her beauty.

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We immortal sometimes are having bad hair day, that’s when we don’t want to look in the mirror, just put the hat or use simple ponytail to avoid people staring at us. The good news is, our goddess celebrities are sometimes have bad hair too, so, well they just human after all, it’s just that [...]

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